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Masters Thesis

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College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, Anthropology

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Richard Clemmer-Smith, Ph.D.

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Esteban Gomez

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Bernadette M. Calafell


Collaboration, Community, Engagement, Identity, Latino, Museums


Many museums are now aspiring to collaborate and engage with Latino communities and the community as a whole. Due to Museo de las Americas status as a community museum, I predicted that I would find a collaborative effort already occurring between the institution and their community, which can aid in creating a sense of social inclusion by being committed to including diverse voices by having clarity of purpose that makes sense both within the context of the community and the institution itself. I used staff, volunteer and visitor interviews and observations of the program to evaluate the degree of collaboration and the experiences of the visitors, specifically Latinos. I discover the essential factors to genuinely engage community is through building internal capacity to create a community centered mindset and conclude with recommendations for how museums can approach community collaboration and engagement to have a significant social impact.

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Maritza Hernandez-Bravo


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Museum Studies