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Ali N. Azadani, Ph.D.

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Ryan Elmore, Ph.D.

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Yun Bo Yi


Digital image correlation, Holzapfel model, Mechanical effects, Ovine ascending aorta, Surgical adhesives, Thoracic aortic aneurysm


Ascending thoracic aortic aneurysm (aTAA) is a potentially lethal disease which grows gradually over time and may lead to aortic dissection and rupture. Currently, aTAA surgical repair using Dacron graft is a well-established treatment. In addition, surgical adhesives are frequently used in the surgeries to seal the anastomotic site. This study aims to investigate mechanical effects of four commonly used surgical adhesives, namely BioGlue, CoSeal, Crosseal, and Tisseel, on the suture site using in-vitro digital image correlation (DIC) method and finite element (FE) simulations in an ovine model. In this study, first, mechanical properties of ovine ascending aorta were obtained by optimizing the FE simulation results with DIC data. Subsequently, Dacron graft was included to mimic the surgical repair. The simulation results showed Dacron graft reduces tissue stress and strain at the surgical site by approximately three times. Afterward, in the simulations, surgical glues were applied to the anastomotic site. CoSeal, Crosseal, and Tisseel exhibited small mechanical effects on the aortic wall. However, BioGlue significantly constrained the suture site movement and further reduced the stress value up to 85%. The results showed the mechanical properties of Dacron graft and surgical adhesives play an important role in the functional state of the tissue at the suture site. A compliance mismatch between graft, surgical adhesives, and tissue can restrict normal physiologic tissue dilation and may cause tissue remodeling. Further research is encouraged to develop new graft and adhesive materials with an elastic behavior in harmony with that of the soft tissue.

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Bioengineering, Biomedical engineering, Biomechanics