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Masters Thesis

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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science, Mechanical and Materials Engineering

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Kimon Valavanis, Ph.D.

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Micheal Keables, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Mohammad Mahoor

Fourth Advisor

Mathew Rutherford

Fifth Advisor

K.D. Kim


Holonomic, Multirotor, Quadrotor, Thrust vectoring, UAS, UAV, Unmanned aerial vehicles, Unmanned aircraft systems


A new type of fully-holonomic aerial vehicle is identified and developed that can optionally utilize automatic cancellation of excessive thruster forces to maintain precise control despite little or no throttle authority. After defining the physical attributes of the new vehicle, a flight control mixer algorithm is defined and presented. This mixer is an input/output abstraction that grants a flight control system (or pilot) full authority of the vehicle's position and orientation by means of an input translation vector and input torque vector. The mixer is shown to be general with respect to the number of thrusters in the system provided that they are distributed in a radially symmetric array. As the mixer is designed to operate independently of the chosen flight control system, it is completely agnostic to the type of control methodology implemented. Validation of both the vehicle's holonomic capabilities and efficacy of the flight control mixing algorithm are provided by a custom MATLAB-based rigid body simulation environment.

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Joseph Nicholas Casabona


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