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Morgridge College of Education, Research Methods and Statistics

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Bruce Uhrmacher, Ph.D.

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Nicholas Cutforth

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Michele Hanna

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Frank Tuitt


Autoethnography, Black feminist thought, Critical arts-based inquiry, Critical race theory, Health equity, Poetic inquiry


This dissertation is an autoethnographic poetic illness narrative based on the author's year-long ordeal with unrelenting undertreated chronic pain. The project is grounded in the epistemological tradition of Black Feminist Thought and presented in alignment with the emergent methodological paradigm of critical arts-based inquiry. The purpose of the project is for the author to develop and articulate a radical reflexive praxis within the paradigm of critical arts-based inquiry while demonstrating the value of lived experience as a source of knowledge and poetry as a method of inquiry in revealing subjugated truths about the experiences of marginalized people. The dissertation lives into a tradition of Black Feminist autography, and argues that the tradition offers insights for those seeking to operationalize the tenets of Black Feminist Thought as an intentional illustration of arts-based research.

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Myntha Anthym


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244 p.


Social sciences education, African American studies, Epistemology