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Morgridge College of Education, Counseling Psychology

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Pat Garriott, Ph.D.

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Kathy Green

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Jesse Owen

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Billy Stratton


Diné, Counseling psychology, Ethnic minorities, Mental health


The purpose of the study was to investigate the relationship between cultural factors, psychological distress, barriers, and attitudes toward seeking psychological help among Diné tribal members. This study is in response to calls to consider psychological and cultural factors in the underutilization of mental health services by ethnic minorities. The present study examines psychological and cultural antecedents to seeking professional psychological help among Diné tribal members (N=119). It examined the mediating role of attitudes toward help seeking in the relationship between psychological distress, barriers to care, three acculturation variables, and intentions to seek counseling. Mediation was assessed with Hayes’ PROCESS macro in SPSS. Culture-specific variables (residence location, acculturation) were used to expand Cramer’s original model. The cultural pathways demonstrated significant impacts on the help-seeking process of Diné tribal members. Implications of these findings are discussed and inform recommendations for the delivery of culturally competent mental health services for Diné clients and suggestions for supporting Diné utilization of psychological services. Recommendations are made for future areas of research.

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Counseling psychology