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Masters Thesis

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Josef Korbel School of International Studies, International Studies

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Jonathan Adelman, Ph.D.

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Julia Macdonald, Ph.D.

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Elizabeth Campbell


Information operations, Information warfare, Military theory, Russia, Strategy, War


This thesis seeks to illuminate how information operations supports Russia’s strategy for creating power for the state. Using classic military theory and Soviet strategy as the lens, the paper examines information operations in the context of the nature of war. The examination includes historical and contemporary Russian publications on warfare, as well as information operations case studies from Eastern Europe, Georgia and Crimea. Russia’s operations are found to be consistent with a strategy of attrition. The opponent's society is the primary target of information operations. The emphasis on information operations within contemporary Russian concepts of modern war indicate that the Russian military theory establishment judge this means of war as useful and persistent. Western nations must seek to separately and holistically understand Russia's strategy and how information operations support it, as well as the role of society in the rubric of war. These elements are essential to counter Russian aggression.

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Military studies, Military history, Russian history