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Joint Ph.D. Program in Study of Religion

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Miguel A. De La Torre, Ph.D.

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Jennifer Leath

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George DeMartino

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Sandra Dixon


Black theology, Political economy, Social ethics, Socialism, The Black Panther Party, Womanism


Joshua Bartholomew's doctoral project is a meta-ethical research study of the relationship between economic justice and racial equality within the United States and its transnational range of influence. Bartholomew critiques the Eurocentric foundations of capitalist economic paradigms, and supplants them with community-oriented strategies of anti-racist self-determination from within the Black Panther Party's socialist praxis. By highlighting the praxis and significant intellectual contributions from arguably the most revolutionary example of racial politics for black liberation throughout the Black Power Movement, Bartholomew emphasizes the need for alternative economic models to capitalism that can support and build upon moral visions of collective racial liberation. Bartholomew's dissertation uses a Womanist methodology to offer a constructive ethic of resistance for a just global society that builds upon principles of black socialism and offers an alternative to capitalism that is missing from black liberationist and Womanist discourse.

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Joshua Sherman Bartholomew


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Ethics, Theology, Religion

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