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Masters Thesis

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College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, Economics

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Yavuz Yasar, Ph.D.


United States. healthcare system, Human capital theory, Social determinants of health theory


This thesis examines a shifting paradigm in the U.S. healthcare system that will re-define the role that the healthcare provider plays in the production of health. It does this by first acknowledging two differing economic theories on the production of health: Human Capital Theory and Social Determinants of Health theory, and how both schools of thought have contributed to the paradigm that healthcare providers only play a role in the end stages of health production - to heal those who are already ill. However, policy, payment, and delivery system reforms have begun to force healthcare providers to re-think how they can meaningfully affect health outcomes through intervention in socioeconomic mechanisms. This thesis then provides a case study from within Centura Health to demonstrate how providers can meet critical social needs including food security, and concludes with some key policy recommendations that will further the paradigm for providers to play a greater role in the social determinants of health.

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Economic theory