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Electrical Engineering

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David Wenzhong Gao, Ph.D.


Control, Microgrid, Power system, Renewable energy


As one of widely deployed renewable energy resources, PV power is playing a very important role in microgrids today. It has advantages such as making the best of natural solar energy and being friendly to our environment. In this thesis, solar PV based microgrid is studied using modeling and simulation. Microgrid can run in either grid-connected-mode or islanded-mode. However, there are also some disadvantages for solar power. For solar panel, its output is influenced by weather conditions such as illumination intensity and temperature. In addition, during the control process of grid-connected mode, it is hard to guarantee its output power at the maximum power point all the time. In this thesis, the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) control for Solar PV energy is used. Besides, the frequency control is also a very important issue for guaranteeing the quality of the electricity in the microgrid. By using an effective way of BESS-VSG, which means Battery Energy Storage System-Virtual Synchronous Generator, the frequency can be controlled to the nominal value faster and more smoothly when there is a fluctuation in the PV power generation and/or load change, leading to higher stability and robustness.

This thesis focuses on the modeling and control of the PV and BESS-VSG system, and the proposed modeling and control method are verified in MATLAB/Simulink.

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Electrical engineering