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Masters Thesis

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M. S.

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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Amin Khodaei

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Shimelis Assefa

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Mohammad Matin


DERs, Distributed energy resources, Grid-following, Grid-forming, Holonic, Resilient


This thesis investigates how different distributed energy resources (DERs) impact the resilience operation of a holonic grid. The holonic grid consists of two or more connected microgrids and /or provisional microgrids (PMGs). The type of the DER, i.e., grid-forming or grid-following, affects the operations of the holonic grid, particularly during the islanded mode. To study this emerging and timely topic, a resilience-oriented holonic grid optimal operation model is proposed. This model carefully formulates the operations of both grid-forming and grid-following DERs. A variable value of lost load (VoLL) is further employed in the proposed model to help quantify and monetize the potential load curtailments, and accordingly, observe the holonic grid operation in response to various extreme external events. To evaluate the proposed model, two cases and multiple scenarios are performed on a sample holonic grid. The studied cases analyze the impact of microgrids energy exchange within the holonic grid, and scenarios take into account various resilience operations.

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Ali M. Alsenan


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Electrical engineering, Energy