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Dissertation in Practice

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Morgridge College of Education, Teaching and Learning Sciences, Curriculum and Instruction

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Norma Hafenstein

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Paul Michalec

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Kristina Hesbol


Gifted, Power of place, Retention, Rural communities, Rural education, Sustainability


Retaining Gifted Individuals for the Sustainability of Rural Communities examined the supports and barriers to young gifted adults’ choices regarding living in rural communities. The narrative methodology revealed the perceptions of remote rural community members through single, face-to-face interviews to understand the challenges and opportunities young gifted individuals encounter. Through community member interviews, participants echoed sentiments indicating supports, barriers, and the power of place play a significant role in gifted individuals’ desire to remain in their local community. The findings suggested through celebrating place, engagement in the local community, and encouragement to solve local problems, gifted individuals will engage in redefining and redesigning their local community, creating a place where they want to remain and invest in the community for the sustainability of the area. The findings illuminated the need for further research on gifted education within rural areas to enhance the sustainability and success of those areas.

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Gifted education