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Morgridge College of Education, Teaching and Learning Sciences, Child, Family, and School Psychology

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Devadrita Talapatra

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Garrett Roberts

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Mohammad Mahoor

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Mary Stansbury


Consultation, Intellectual and developmental disabilities, School psychology, School systems, Technology, Virtual reality


Post-school outcomes are unfavorable to students with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Despite these outcomes and significant academic challenges, students with IDD have the potential to learn adaptive and life skills that lead to a more independent and fulfilling life through intentional intervention strategies. This dissertation explores technology-based interventions for students with IDD. Manuscript 1 presents a synthesis of literature related to technology, IDD, and a system of supports that schools utilize for tiered intervention delivery. Based on the findings, a new framework, Systems of Support for Technology Intervention (SSTI), is introduced to help guide school psychologists in choosing appropriate technology-based interventions based on tier and level of support. Manuscript 2 describes an AB single-participant case study examining a virtual reality intervention for a student with IDD. Review indicates that students with IDD benefit from (a) explicit instructional support (i.e., over-learning the behavior and techniques to maintain the behavior); (b) multiple opportunities to practice the skill (e.g., learning the skill in various environments); and (c) immediate and consistent feedback for skill development. Using a virtual reality program and best practices for intervention delivery, the participant learned how to independently shop in a grocery store setting. Results provide new directions and promising practices for school psychologists, including multi-modal instruction for skill acquisition and mastery. This dissertation hopes to be an applied research trailblazer in the field of school psychology for combining the uses of adaptive skill development, evidence-based practices, and innovative technology to teach students with IDD.

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Psychology, School counseling, Technical communication