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Morgridge College of Education, Counseling Psychology

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Ruth Chu-Lien Chao

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Andi Pusavat

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Shimelis Assefa


Coping, Counseling, Islamophobia, Mental health, Muslim Americans, Phenomenology


The purpose of the current hermeneutic phenomenological qualitative study was to understand the phenomenon of Muslim Americans’ lived experiences of Islamophobia prior to and two years into Donald Trump’s presidential administration. 14 participants from multiple regions in the United States completed a semi-structured interview via telephone. The data analysis revealed seven major themes: 1) Muslim Americans experience different dimensions of Islamophobia, 2) Muslim Americans experience various forms of Islamophobia, 3) Variables that impact the prevalence of Islamophobia, 4) Islamophobia impacts various areas of Muslim Americans’ lives, 5) Muslim Americans may react differently to experiences of Islamophobia, 6) Islamophobia impacts the mental well-being of Muslim Americans, and 7) Coping with Islamophobia.

This study explores how Muslim Americans perceived the social and political climate during the Trump administration, the experiences of Islamophobia that have been present in the lives of Muslim Americans, and how Islamophobia has impacted the mental wellbeing of this population. Interpretations from the data analysis provide insight into the psychosocial consequences of experiencing Islamophobia. It also provides information detailing the coping strategies that have been used by Muslim Americans to manage the impact of Islamophobia, as well as preserve or grow their personal and social identity (Berjot & Gillet, 2011). Implications for clinicians and psychology training programs, educators, and Muslim Americans are also discussed.

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