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Dissertation in Practice

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Morgridge College of Education, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Kristina Hesbol

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Carolyn Shields

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Erin Anderson


Equity, School leadership, Social justice, Transformative leadership


This qualitative case study explores the leadership values and practices of a principal in a sixth through twelfth-grade school in the Rocky Mountain West to determine how leadership values and practices support the implementation of equitable and socially just practices in the school. Five key themes emerged: (a) equity as a Black/non-Black construct; (b) a lack of knowledge and awareness of the historical contexts of marginalized populations; (c) moral courage for all members of the school; (d) equity as an initiative or program; (e) resistance to deep equity work. From these themes, I devise three recommendations to support substantial and better-aligned work to increase equity and social justice in the school: (a) refining equity work in progress; (b) elevating other marginalized voices across the organization; and (c) increasing the moral-courage capacity of all teaching and coaching staff, especially those from marginalized backgrounds. There is also a post-study discussion with the school leader. Finally, I provide recommendations for further study.

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