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Morgridge College of Education, Teaching and Learning Sciences

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P. Bruce Uhrmacher, Ph.D.

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Kathy Green

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Paul Michalec

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Jesse Valdez


English language proficiency, Arabic women, Arabic female students


The main goal of this study was to interview Arabic women students at Spring International Language Center to record their perceptions, rationale, goals, stories, and opinions about learning English in a U.S. language school. This research was conducted to understand the purposes and goals of Arabic women who come to the United Stated to study the English language, and the importance of English language proficiency, both within and outside the United States.

The findings of this study are not only relevant to English language centers in the United States, but also those in other countries. The information and methods used can provide background material to guide further study of Arabic women in general and those who come to the United States to study English for Arabic scholarship agencies and others who have a vested interest in the topic. Furthermore, the findings of this study indicate that English language programs should hire more qualified and experienced instructors. Evaluations of instructors can be used, as a tool for improvement and development of programs, and should also encourage participation by Arabic women inside the classrooms to increase their interaction and involvement with other students. Classes on U.S. culture could be offered before Arabic women come to the United States to learn the English language.

The findings of this study provide a basis for future studies of Arabic women and English language learning. The timing of this study is important. The number of Arabic women studying the English language at academic language centers in the United States is increasing rapidly because Arabic countries, such as Libya and Saudi Arabia, are providing scholarships to citizens to promote a more highly educated population.

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