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Masters Thesis

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College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, Anthropology

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Christina Kreps

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Bonnie Clark

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Annette Stott


Native Americans, Boarding schools, Museum, Exhibit


Recent scholarship on Native American boarding schools has focused on drawing out the complexities of boarding school history and emphasizing the plurality of experiences of students. This thesis examines how Native American boarding school stories have been displayed using two current museum exhibits: “Away from Home: American Indian Boarding School Stories” at the Heard Museum, and the Phoenix Indian School Visitors Center, a small gallery in one of the remaining school buildings. For this analysis I interviewed key players in both current exhibits and did close readings of the exhibits themselves, in conjunction with archival research about two model schoolhouse exhibits at world’s fairs. Each of these exhibits, old and new, was engaged with the anthropology and museum theory of the time. The two current exhibits offer updated scholarship and multivocal narratives but designed for and aimed at audiences of very different backgrounds.

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Native American studies, Museum studies