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Masters Thesis

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College of Natural Science and Mathematics, Geography and the Environment

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Andrew R. Goetz

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Kristopher Kuzera

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Eric Boschmann

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Chiara Piovani


Bicycle-transit, Bicycles, Urban transportation, Weather


The movement of people and goods within metropolitan areas is critically important to the operational efficiency and functionality of cities. This study explores the influence of local weather conditions and the air quality index on bicycle-transit user in Denver, Colorado. Based on bicycle-transit having two key components, bicycle and transit, the effect of local weather conditions and the air quality index is also explored with bicycle use and rail-transit usage. Key findings include: (1) the most significant variable across all three modes is temperature, (2) for bicycle-transit and bicycle use, there is a steady increase in ridership as temperatures increase to about 85-degrees Fahrenheit before decreasing, (3) bicycle-transit users at the University of Denver Station are more likely to park their bike at the station when the temperature is lower and less of a chance of precipitation, and (4) college students are more affected by rain in the morning than in the afternoon. The use of multimodal transit systems has been increasing because of the congestion and negative impacts on the environment the automobile has created. This research explores the effects that weather and air quality have on the number of bicycle-transit users, bicycle users, and rail-transit users in the City and County of Denver.

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Geography, Urban planning, Transportation