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Masters Thesis

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Conflict Resolution Institute

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Douglas Allen, Ph.D.

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Joan Winn

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Dennis Wittmer


Conflict prevention, Investment, Preconciliation, Stabilization perpetuation, Strategic corporate social responsibility, Transnational corporations


This paper describes a three-level toolkit - The Investment Sustainability Toolkit. The Toolkit assists firms in improving the efficacy of one segment of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative by creating at the first level, a strategy of conflict prevention. This strategy is followed by Common Elements of Conflict that Resolves/Becomes Violent, and Key Areas for Stabilization as Level II. The third and final level of the toolkit describes specific initiatives for increasing success, through The Screening Checklist.

The paper assesses through case study, the efforts of Firestone, Inc. in Liberia regarding regional development, stabilization, and economic development. This is done through the lens of the 3-levels of The Toolkit and for the purposes of illustrating lost opportunities that a Toolkit framework would have identified by linking the success of all stakeholders. Losses That Look Like Wins are a key focus area within the case study as are times of stability that offer the opportunity to create institutions - civil, political, economic - to perpetuate that stability.

This paper makes the case for corporations as social change agents, for preceding violence, and for including a strategy, and a framework, as well as targeted initiatives to increase the success and efficacy of this segment of CSR.

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