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Dissertation in Practice

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Morgridge College of Education, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Kristina Hesbol

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Lolita Tabron

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Erin Anderson


CLDE, Confianza, English language learner (ELL), Equity, Leadership, Multicultural


The focus of this study was to increase teachers’ and school leaders’ capacity and awareness to be better multicultural leaders for English Language Learner (ELL) students. This study produced several recommendations to address this issue. During this study, I used improvement science as the methodology and included a variety of stakeholders as participants. The conceptual framework used to guide this study included community cultural wealth and funds of knowledge. Using both the voices of ELL families and the input of the school equity team, which includes teachers and a school leader, we collaboratively created a six-stage intervention program to increase capacity and awareness for becoming better multicultural leaders for ELL students. The six stages of improvement science contained four PDSA cycles which revolved around four change ideas. The change ideas were: definitions and demographics, ELL students and the composition of public schools, Mexican community cultural wealth and funds of knowledge, and Guatemalan community cultural wealth and funds of knowledge. The purpose of all four of these change ideas was to build awareness and capacity for becoming a multicultural leader for ELL students.

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