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Dissertation in Practice

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Morgridge College of Education, Teaching and Learning Sciences, Curriculum and Instruction

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Norma L. Hafenstein

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Rashida Banerjee

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Stephen Chou

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Paul Michalec


Exceptionality, Identification, Identity, Intellectual potential, Parent perception, Twice-exceptional


This research study examined the parent perceptions of and relationships among intellectual potential, academic achievement, and the order of identification of exceptionality for twice-exceptional students. Twice-exceptional students exhibit both giftedness and a learning disability or difference. Consistently and equitably identifying and serving twice-exceptional students is a persistent problem of practice in the field of education (Artiles et al., 2010; Gentry et al., 2019; List & Dykeman, 2019; Moon & Reis, 2004; Webb et al., 2019). This study was supported by a community partner, a private educational testing and advocacy agency in a Western state.

This mixed methods study utilized a two-phase research design. The quantitative phase consisted of data analysis of assessment records of twice exceptional students. These data were collected by the community partner and de-identified and shared with the researcher. Quantitative data were analyzed with descriptive statistics and Welch t-tests. For the qualitative phase, participants were recruited through the community partner. Participants engaged in two hour-long interviews to share their perceptions of the experiences of their twice-exceptional child. Qualitative data were analyzed and presented in a narrative format to explore patterns and themes. Data were interpreted through the lens of identity formation, and the conceptual frames of intersectionality, stereotype threat, and self-concept.

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Gifted education, Disability studies, Education