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Curriculum and Instruction

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P. Bruce Uhrmacher

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Bin Ramke

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Brette Garner

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Paul Michalec


Beliefs, Dispositions, Education, Identity, Teacher, Teacher leadership


The world of teaching has long been explored: from works focused on different contents to different grade bands to different techniques and methods to best practices, the literature is dense with materials on the world of teaching. Where this literature has just begun to shed light however is the world teacher leadership. As an educator in a dual role since 2014, that of a teacher and a teacher leader, I have beared witness to what current research has only recently begun to unearth.

It is here that I situate myself, as the researcher of teacher leadership and the subject of said research. Through the methodology of auto-educational criticism, I have analyzed a journal of the trials and tribulations of the work of a dual role teacher as well. Using my expertise in the world of teacher leadership, I wasable to critique these entries and shed light on an area of education that still remains in the shadows.

In doing so, I was able to uncover the development of the role identities of a teacher and a teacher leader. This was procured through a rigorous evaluation of lived experiences of myself as a teacher and teacher leader, as well as the beliefs and efficacies espoused in these roles. This then allowed me to ascertain the dispositions evident in all identities. Additionally, I was able to outline the aims created for myself and the teachers I lead. Following this, an examination of the implications for the identities of the teacher leader as well as the implications for the world of teaching itself are explored.

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