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Masters Thesis

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College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, Anthropology

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Bonnie Clark

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Nicole Herzog

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Rebecca Powell


Amache, World War II, Children, Japanese American, Preschool


The purpose of this project is to expand on the understanding of experiences of Japanese American children, specifically preschool-aged children, within the Amache National Historic Site, a WWII Japanese American internment facility located in Granada, Colorado. Through archaeological methods, GIS analysis, oral histories, and archival research, I analyzed the landscape and material culture of the five residential blocks within Amache that had designated preschools. I then compared these blocks with preschools to residential blocks without preschools to determine if there are any patterns and discernable differences between the two study areas. The findings of this research provide insight into how young children left a discernable impression on the site through their agency in the community as a whole.

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Archaeology, Asian American studies, American history