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Aaron Duncan


Dynamic capabilities, Resource based view, Transformation


The distilling industry has a rich history, starting from when people realized that by adding water, sugar, and starch together, they could develop a drink with alcohol that was safer to drink than the water all around them. Over several centuries, this discovery has grown into a significant industry worldwide. In the United States, the distilling industry went from a farm-based barter system to a multi-billion-dollar industry in 2020 (Schwarz, 2021). The sector has faced changes in regulations and other external factors that challenge how distilleries maintain market share, status, and internal challenges due to operational capabilities and market demands. I am interested in the factors that influence distilleries' decision-making that leads to the firm transforming to the market they are in. Transformation allows firms to produce goods or services more effectively than its rivals. For this study, I use an inductive, qualitative method to look at how the distilling industry uses resources to determine how to sense and then transform their organizations to changes in the market. The study aims to provide insight into the capabilities that help organizations transform in times of challenges in the market.

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Management, Pacific Rim studies