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Masters Thesis

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College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, Anthropology

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Lawrence B. Conyers

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Bonnie Clark

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Annabeth Headrick


Magic Mountain, Habitation, Archaeology, Colorado


The Magic Mountain site, located in Golden, Colorado, has been the subject of intensive academic studies since the 1950s because of its extensive artifact assemblage and long habitation periods. The aim of this thesis was to use ground-penetrating radar, magnetometry, GIS models, and lithic analysis to further study when and how the Magic Mountain site was used during prehistoric times and contextualize a variety of hypotheses about site habitation and migratory patterns of prehistoric people in Colorado.

The results of these analyses indicate the habitation and migratory pattern of the Magic Mountain site was a periodic, but consistent, proximal visitation schedule within a migration pattern where people would inhabit the site during the fall and/or spring every year until resources were depleted. Following the depletion of the resources, the people who inhabited the Magic Mountain site moved to either the plains or the mountains to follow animal herds and to find water sources.

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Archaeology, Geophysics