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Elementary, Saudi education, Teachers, Technology, Technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPCK)


In recent years, the use of technology in education has been on the rise around the world, and Saudi Arabia is no exception. The integration of technology in Saudi education has the potential to enhance the quality of education, increase access to education, and provide students with the skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world. It also has the potential to facilitate collaboration between students and teachers, both within and outside the classroom, and to promote lifelong learning.

The purpose of this qualitative study is to investigate Islamic Studies teachers' perceptions of using technology in their classrooms in elementary schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The collection of survey data and interview outcomes is part of this study. First, an electronic survey was distributed to Islamic Studies instructors in Riyadh elementary schools to determine their views on the use of technology in education. Following that, semi-structured interviews were conducted with a number of Islamic Studies teachers in order to better understand their perspectives on the use of technology in teaching and learning processes. The goal of gathering survey and interview data was to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the information received.

Findings show that Islamic Studies teachers are willing to use technology in their teaching and are keen to use it to enhance students’ learning. However, the teachers expressed some of the obstacles they face, such as the lack of technical resources and the absence of technical support. Additionally, the study found that the teachers' beliefs influenced how they used technology. Ultimately, this study presents a deeper look at the teachers' opinions on teaching Islamic Studies in elementary classrooms using technology to present a comprehensive picture of the Saudi educational system to teachers, teacher preparation departments, and policymakers in the Ministry of Education.

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