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Masters Thesis

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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering

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David Wenzhong Gao

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Goncalo F. Martin

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Mohammad Matin

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Maria Calbi


Inverter, Microgrid, Power electronics


As the world becomes more reliant on renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, the need for high efficiency high power inverters connected to homes is more relevant than ever. Connecting these renewable energy sources (RES) coupled with an energy storage system (ESS) to the grid through a hybrid inverter, with the highest efficiency and grid stability, is quickly becoming a necessity for the near future. This thesis explores the integration of wide band gap semiconductors for the power stage in these systems, along with the analysis of hybrid inverter topologies and structures. The goal of this thesis is to help as a resource with the decision process in components and design of systems in the home energy field. A three-phase high voltage power stage and gate driver were constructed and tested under load to verify the functionality of the inverter.

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