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Morgridge College of Education, Counseling Psychology

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Patton O. Garriott

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Trish L. Raque

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Duan Zhang


Career development, Military, Psychology of working theory, Veterans, Women


The present study investigated predictors of decent work among a sample of women Veterans (N = 354), grounded in the Psychology of Working Theory (PWT). A structural equation model demonstrated that women Veterans’ experiences of marginalization, economic constraints, work volition, and career adaptability all directly predicted their ability to secure decent work, and economic constraints and marginalization experiences indirectly predicted decent work via work volition. Proactive personality was additionally examined as a moderator variable and did not significantly moderate any model paths; however, it was found to be a unique predictor of decent work and work volition, as well as decent work and career adaptability. The results contribute to the PWT literature through supporting many of the original hypotheses, particularly highlighting the important role of work volition. The results also add to the growing evidence that career adaptability and proactive personality may not be adequate fits for the PWT model. Moreover, the study highlights the importance of examining women Veterans and their career development as a unique cohort. Practical implications for policy, clinical practice, and research are discussed.

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Counseling psychology, Vocational education, Military studies