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Organizational change, Employee voice, Transparency, Empowerment, Government


For organizational change to take root, develop, and realize the desired goals and benefits, employees are increasingly asked to be an integral part of the change process, to speak up and use their voice to point out areas to improve and ways to be more efficient. Organizations and managers must create a climate where this employee voice, a multidimensional construct comprised of promotive and prohibitive voice, is encouraged and heard, and where the employee is empowered to effect change and make improvements. Both types of voice are potent mechanisms for improving public services, and government organizations in particular, as compared to private and other businesses. This quantitative study investigates transparency, a multidimensional view of trust with cognition-based and affect-based trust, and cognitive empowerment and their relationships with both types of employee voice. The setting is a government organization that trains employees to see issues in the workplace and make changes to improve outcomes for citizens, save time and money, and improve the utilization of resources. Trust and transparency matter, until the climate supports psychological safety. Transparency and cognitive empowerment are found to be significantly related to different types of employee voice after controlling for various factors, including propensity to trust, social desirability, and psychological safety.

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