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Morgridge College of Education, Counseling Psychology

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Lisa Brownstone

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Johnny Kim

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Keiko McCullough

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Amanda Greene


Binge eating disorder, Comment sections, Instagram, Pro-recovery social media


As the internet and social media have become a more ingrained part of everyday life, online eating disorder pro-recovery communities have become a common topic of examination in the psychological sciences. However, there has been little focus on online binge eating disorder (BED) pro-recovery communities specifically. Additionally, there has not been much exploration into the use of comment sections as a part of pro-recovery communities. The current study used codebook thematic analysis to code ten BED pro-recovery Instagram comment sections to examine the interactive data present within this recovery community. Four themes were developed during analysis: detailed self-disclosure, sharing experiences and feeling seen, gratitude for account owner’s expertise, and diet culture and weight stigma as both ingrained and intentional. This analysis painted a nuanced picture of how pro-recovery social media sites function and portray BED recovery and has implications for both clinical practice and future research.

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