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College of Natural Science and Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy

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Barry L. Zink

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Xin Fan

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Pavel Salev

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Michelle K. Knowles


Spin hall effect, Spincaloritronics, Spintronics


In this dissertation begin with an investigation of non-local spin transport in an amorphous germanium (a-Ge) sample via the inverse spin Hall effect (ISHE). In that study we show that commonly used techniques such as differential conductance and delta mode of a paired Keithley 6221/2182a for non-local resistance measurements can lead to false indicators of spin transport. Next, we turn out attention to a thickness dependent study in thermally-evaporated chromium (Cr) thin films on a bulk polycrystalline yttrium-iron-garnet (YIG) substrate. This project analyzed the spin transport in the Cr films versus thickness via the longitudinal spin Seebeck effect (LSSE). This research revealed a complex thickness dependence of the spin-to-charge conversion and LSSE voltages for the evaporated Cr that may be a consequence of strain in Cr and finite size effects. We continue to examine LSSE in thermallyevaporated Cr, but now under a temperature dependent study. The results reveal an enhancement in the evaporated Cr below 200 K, where the Cr thin film transitions from a mixed SDW antiferromagnetic state described by the combination of a antiferromagnetic commensurate SDW (CSDW) and paramagnetic incommensurate SDW (ISDW) to a full antiferromagnetic state where both CSDW and ISDW are antiferromagnetic. This is absent in sputtered Cr thin films deposited on similar YIG substrates. Finally, we explore the spin-flopped coupled lanthanum strontium ferrite (LSFO) lanthanum strontium manganite (LSMO) bilayer grown on a lanthanum strontium aluminate (LSAT) substrate. This research focuses on the possible control of magnetic moments using current pulses.

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