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Human Communications

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Kate G. Willink, Ph.D.


Cultural diversity, Eurocentricity, Fatih Akin, German cinematography, German multiculturalism, New European identity


This dissertation addresses a complex cultural and social phenomenon: German multiculturalism in the framework of the European Union in the century of globalization and global migration. I use selected cinematographic works by Fatih Akin, currently the most celebrated German and European filmmaker, as cultural texts. This project illuminates cultural controversies, political complexities, and the discriminatory nature of German multiculturalism. Specifically, I show how and why the German society eagerly accepts and successfully integrates Italian immigrants, yet, culturally marginalizes and socially excludes the Turks. My work illuminates how complex historical and political processes of the past, guided by the principle of Euro-centricity, affect the multicultural dynamics in the German society. I also analyze Akin’s positionality as filmmaker, political figure, and a poster-child of contemporary German and European cinema.

This project invites critical re-consideration of the question of cultural diversity in Germany and in Europe and suggests transformative approaches towards multiculturalism. I use de-colonizing, critical cultural and critical feminist theories as well as art narrative with elements of performance ethnography for theoretical and methodological framework of my work. The aim of this dissertation is to contribute to the on-going scholarly, political and cultural research in the fields of multiculturalism, identity, and politics of inclusion.


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Multicultural education, Cinematography, European studies