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Joint Ph.D. Program in Study of Religion

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Antony Alumkal, Ph.D.

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Luis Leon

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Ted Vial


Immigration, Korean immigrants, Religion, Transnationalism


Given the changing global environment and different experiences of the new immigrants, it is necessary to delve into the question of how the notions and patterns of immigration and assimilation change through the lens of transnational migration that focuses on the connection of immigrants to the context of both sending and receiving countries. Recognizing the transnational religious activities and creative adaptations of the new immigrants to new environments can enrich the study of assimilation, which reflects the changing picture of multilayered American society and its constituents. To examine the assimilation process of Korean immigrants through their transnational religious activities, my research examines both organizations and individuals seeking long-distance spiritual and practical guidance to negotiate identities in a new land and find meaning to their lives. Rather than assuming the inevitable process of assimilation, this study of Korean immigrants’ assimilation under the influence of transnational engagements can provide a changing understanding of assimilation, which emphasizes dynamic and reciprocal adaptations between immigrants and both sending and receiving societies.

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Bo Yong Lee


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