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Morgridge College of Education

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Kent Seidel, Ph.D.

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Linda Brookhardt

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Susan Korach

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Frédérique Chevillot


Archdiocese, Reasons to leave, Retention, Stress, Teachers, Workplace pressures


The intent of this research study was to determine the types of workplace pressures that PK-8 teachers, in a Midwestern Archdiocese, experience. Two hundred eighty teachers participated in the survey. Results from this study indicate that PK-8 teachers express elevated levels of stress in the following areas: income/salary, amount of hours spent outside contract hours on instructional tasks, paperwork required, student behavior/discipline, and implementation of new curricula.

Statistical differences were found in the following areas: female and male stress levels with regard to income; school locale (suburban, urban, and rural) income stress levels; school locale (suburban, urban, and rural) implementation of new curricula stress levels; school locale (suburban, urban, and rural) paperwork stress levels.

Reasons teachers report for wanting to leave their job include salary/benefits, dislike of administration, lack of administrative support, and excessive demands outside of contract hours. Reasons for wanting to stay include that their job offers an increase in pay/salary, relationships with coworkers, and the students that they teach.

Teachers and administrators must be aware of workplace pressures and make necessary adjustments. If schools know how to manage and identify workplace pressures a better school climate can be achieved.

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