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Masters Thesis

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Josef Korbel School of International Studies

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Peter Van Arsdale, Ph.D.

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Darrin Hicks


Aceh, Ethnicity, Identity, Indonesia, Kalimantan, Violence


The goal of this study is to establish a more applied, analytical approach to analyses of collective identity and violence while providing insights into the dynamics of the regions of Indonesia considered. By focusing on two regions of Indonesia - Aceh and Kalimantan - which are populated by distinct peoples and have experienced violence in contemporary times, this study contributes to the expanding literature on the social dynamics of identity and violence. To ensure a more practical approach within the study, concepts and frameworks which have contributed to discussions of the nature of identity and acts of violence are utilized. The work of Brubaker and Cooper (2000) provides a foundational understanding of identity which is complemented by Gurr and Bishop's (1976) study of diverse forms of physical and structural violence. Through a fusion of the authors' conceptualizations and terminology, a coherent understanding and approach to the case studies is developed for the evaluation of identities and violence in Aceh and the Western and Central provinces of Kalimantan. These case studies provide the opportunity to evaluate the influence which identity has had upon violence in two regions which have experienced eruptions of violence seemingly motivated by different values and aspirations.

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International relations, Regional studies, South Asian studies

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