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Graduate School of Social Work

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Walter F. LaMendola, Ph.D.

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Jean F. East

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James Williams


Embodiment, Grounded theory, Homeless youth, Trauma, Yoga therapy


Using grounded theory methodology, this research explored, described and theorized about the ways youth, specifically homeless youth; make sense of their bodies within the context of living environments. It describes the relationship between body, space, and context for homeless youth in order to inform treatment options for this population. The importance of context, setting, and participant frame of reference was stressed, because embodiment is contextually and culturally influenced. The research addressed the questions: What is the process of becoming consciously embodied for homeless youth who have experienced multiple traumas? Do homeless youth who have experienced multiple traumas perceive a role for yoga therapy in the process of becoming consciously embodied? Interviews were conducted with 16 homeless youth, 2 agency administrators, and 1 yoga teacher who acknowledged that she was homeless in her youth. Interviews followed a general interview guide designed to elicit responses concerning trauma, homelessness, embodiment, and well-being. The research resulted in the development of a theoretical conceptualization of embodiment and trauma in homeless youth.

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