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Masters Thesis

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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science

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Siavash Pourkamali Anaraki, Ph.D.

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Byron W. Purse, Ph.D.

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Corinne Lengsfeld


Label-free biochemical analysis, Medical diagnostics, Microelectromechanical systems, MEMS, Biosensors, Protein microarray technology, Surface modification, Thermally actuated, Resonators


Highly sensitive biosensors capable of detecting and characterizing smallest quantities of cellular and molecular targets are needed in pharmaceutical and medical diagnostics industries. In this work, the importance of biological target recognition specifically proteins through microarray technologies has been discussed and the most successful tools and techniques have been studied. Moreover, a thermally actuated Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) resonator has been demonstrated and fabricated in this work as an accurate, reliable and low cost biotechnology tool. As a proof of concept, amine to epoxide coupling of octadecylamine to functionalized silicon dioxide surface have been shown through resonator frequency monitoring. The frequency deviation of the sensors implied a meaningful surface coverage after analyte immobilization. Furthermore, X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) analysis of the devices at different stages of the surface modification supported that the frequency deviations are due to epoxide and octadecylamine attachments. In addition, two surface passivation techniques against non-specific adsorption of avidin have been investigated on silicon surfaces

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Babak Tousifar


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Biomedical engineering, Nanotechnology, Molecular biology