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Joint Ph.D. Program in Study of Religion

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Sandra Dixon, Ph.D.

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Frank Seeburger, Ph.D.

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Albert Hernandez


Hermeneutics, Imagination, Jacob Boehme, Martin Heidegger, Sophia, Western esotericism


This dissertation is offered as a work of original scholarship in the field of Religion and Psychological Studies (RPS). Through its hermeneutic preservation of Jacob Böhme's The Way to Christ in "conversation" with selected works of Martin Heidegger, I retrieve the question of imagination's relation to religious practice, attending to potentials for world transformations disclosed through this relationship, in order to develop a new hermeneutic option for the RPS field concerning this important question. This new hermeneutic option is developed in such a way as to ensure a subversive compatibility with psychoanalytic hermeneutics—our field's koiné—while opening to certain radical possibilities of interpretation concerning imagination, desire, religious practice, and world transformations.

In the course of the dissertation's development, issues concerning the western esoteric traditions—Christian theosophy in particular—repentance, guilt, death, new birth, resignation (Gelassenheit), contemplation, and a radical encounter with Sophia are brought to the fore for consideration. In addition, this dissertation develops its hermeneutic out of the guiding orientation of a weakening ontology that opens a way for the "return of religion" in postmodern hermeneutic discourse, as articulated by Gianni Vattimo.

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Philosophy of Religion, Religion, Philosophy