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Masters Thesis

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Morgridge College of Education, Research Methods and Information Science, Research Methods and Statistics

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Nicholas J. Cutforth, Ph.D.

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Antonio Olmos-Gallo

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Janette Benson


Community-based research, Informal learning environments, Visitor studies, Visual studies


This case study describes the analysis of the Visitor Photo Study, a study in which visitors to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science documented their visit through pictures. The origins, implementation, and findings of the Visitor Photo Study are considered within the contexts of the fields of Community-Based Research (Strand, Marullo, Cutforth, Stoecker, & Donohue, 2003b), Visual Studies (Marshall & Rossman, 2011; Pink, 2007), and Visitor Studies (Visitor Studies Association, 2012). This study considers the extent to which the principles and elements of each of these fields were present in the Visitor Photo Study, which elements were not fully realized or were missing from the study, and ways in which the Visitor Photo Study extends each of these fields. The value of this type of analysis and implications for museums, faculty, and students are also discussed.

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Kathryn Irene Schroeder


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Educational Evaluation