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Carbon monoxide (CO) emission measurements of thousands of vehicles per day are possible with a recently evaluated remote sensor developed at the University of Denver. Funded by the Environmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory - Las Vegas (EMSL- LV) Innovative Research Program, the evaluation has demonstrated the comparability of volume concentration measurements made by this method with traditional emission monitoring instrumentation. Measurements are made unobtrusively as vehicles pass through an infrared light beam directed across one traffic lane about 25 centimeters above the pavement. A video camera records the vehicle registration number of each vehicle as its CO emissions are measured so that characteristics of individual vehicles and vehicle fleet categories can be associated with each measurement. Determining appropriate applications and monitoring protocols for this technology is the second phase of this Innovative Research Project. Similar remote sensing technology for monitoring mobile hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide emissions can be developed to address the urban ozone non-attainment problem.

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This document was written in part by a government employee of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is in the Public Domain.

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