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Enterprise GIS solutions, Data organization and management, Organizations, Information, Technology, Framework, Environment


Enterprise GIS solutions are becoming more attractive to companies to implement because of the ability to leverage system of record portals. Information is largely regarded as a company’s competitive advantage enabling organizational capability to operate and build capital and equity within a business. And with good reason large amounts of data and information are difficult to collect and organize within a digital framework. Building a GIS enterprise is a solution for data organization and management. Workflows must be in place to collect, process, calculate, and store data with high regard to timeliness and accuracy. Business decisions are made based on information that a company has access to and thus reflects on the importance of database systems as a medium. How efficient a company organizes its information will easily set it apart from others in the competitive realm. Information is knowledge, and how a company can leverage it within an organization or across business assets, will impact how successful the company operates. Building a GIS enterprise on a central server infrastructure enables the expansion of GIS processes and services to both professional GIS users and non GIS users throughout an organization. This proposal is a framing document of why and how a GIS enterprise would be beneficial to implement within an organizations information technology framework environment.

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