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Rancho California Water District, Regulations for water conservation, High water use efficiency devices




Southern California has a special and unique Mediterranean climate that is rare and only shared with a few countries around the world. In the last few years, the Southern California region has experienced unpredictable periods of both wet and dry weather, and it is likely that it will continue to experience these types of disruptions as a consequence of climate changes in the future (West Basin Municipal Water District [WBMWD]). Water supply agencies in the region have pressed for strong regulations in order to promote water conservation. The study will focus on a small water agency, Rancho California Water District. (District) located within Southern California and will explore its existing water conservation program using high water use efficiency devices on residential customers. The goal for this research project is to determine if water conservation is driven by certain demographic factors such as household size, education and socio-economics. The results could improve the District’s understanding on how to allocate funds for water conservation efforts toward educating certain demographic groups.


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