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Masters Capstone Project

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M.S. in Geographic Information Science

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College of Natural Science and Mathematics, Geography and the Environment


Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI), United States Geological Survey’s National Map Corps, OpenStreetMap


This project determines how two different systems based on geographic user-generated content can work together to allow the content to be made more accessible. This project’s objective is to determine the technical and social issues involved with allowing information to be transferred between systems.

Specifically, this project works with information from two volunteer systems: 1) The United States Geological Survey’s National Map Corps, 2) A global volunteer mapping project called OpenStreetMap.

This project discusses the history of both systems and how they have dealt with importing data in the past. It reviews what has worked well with previous imports and determines the best approach for merging volunteered datasets. It includes software that demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed importation process.

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