Quantifying Multi-modal Public Transit Accessibility for Large Metropolitan Areas: A Time-dependent Reliability Modeling Approach

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Geography and the Environment


Multi-modal, Transit accessibility, Time dependent, Reliability, On-time arrival probability


The temporal dimensions of public transit accessibility have recently garnered an increasing amount of interest. However, the existing literature on transit accessibility is heavily based on oversimplified assumptions that transit services operate at deterministic speeds using predetermined timetables. These measurements may overestimate transit accessibility, especially for large metropolitan areas where inter- and intra-modal transfers are frequent. To handle travel time uncertainty, a multi-modal transit accessibility modeling approach is proposed to account for realistic variations in travel time and service reliability. The proposed approach is applied to the mapping of transit accessibility in Shenzhen (China), where transit services exhibit significant travel time variations over space and time. Compared to traditional transit accessibility measures, our method has been demonstrated to better capture intrinsic spatial and temporal accessibility variations with complex multi-modal transit networks. Normal distribution of inter-stop travel times and constant travel speed between GPS sampling points are assumed to simply the computation, which we consider to adjust in future studies to better quantify the dynamics of transit accessibility across space and time.

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