The anti-slavery movement will welcome this important compilation of work on debt bondage slavery. In the academic and policy analysis of contemporary slavery, many of the fundamental areas of enslavement are yet to be explored and brought into systematic presentation. This work by the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Denver helps to build up our understanding of debt bondage, as well as adding to the emerging discipline of contemporary slavery studies. Debt bondage slavery is one of the oldest forms of slavery that continues into the present day. The date of the establishment of hereditary debt bondage in the Indian sub-continent is lost in the pre-history of that region. Untold millions have lived and died under its yoke. In spite of its longevity, the system continues to be under-studied and little understood, which is why this publication is so very welcome. By way of introduction it is helpful to review some of the early definitions of debt bondage, in addition to examining some of the forms it takes.

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