The following is a report for the Consultation on Darfur carried out in Nairobi, Kenya by Africa Today Associates, Inc. The event took place June 9‐11, 2008 and was made possible with support from Ford Foundation, Kenya (in collaboration with the Institute of International Education). This report aims to build upon, not replace, the findings of our Consultation in Abuja, Nigeria. It is for this purpose that the findings and points addressed in this report are solely those discussed in Nairobi. Although it is inevitable that the two consultations reflected some overlap on the core issues and discussion points, especially in context of the presentations, this report attempts to synthesize and present the findings of the Consultation in Nairobi, Kenya. As part of ATA’s continued work and mandate to our four‐part consultations, the outcomes of our proceedings in Denver, Abuja, and Nairobi will be the foundation for our final consultation in Washington D.C. in fall 2008.

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