Rural Communication, Strategy Development, Tools for Communication


Rural segment also known as the BOP (Bottom of Pyramid) segment, in India has lately become an area that corporates' just can’t afford to ignore. The dynamics of rural segment is worth studying. The products that are offered to rural consumers may or may not be different, but the way these products are marketed ought to be very different. Marketers always look for innovative ways to make their presence felt. But, what could be the possible communication strategy to reach the huge market at Bottom of the Pyramid. The regional disparities are many and there is a need for customized communication strategy. While a lot of thrust is being given to the marketing strategies for rural markets, especially distribution and packaging aspects, little is being talked about the specific communication strategies required there. This article intends to address this specific issue, that is, typical communication strategies that one needs to adopt to reach the consumers at the Bottom of the Pyramid. This article highlights the importance of having a specific communication strategy for the Indian BOP market. Attempts are made to fish-out important learnings' from the analysed cases with the help of which a framework for communicating effectively with the BOP markets can be designed.