Energy, Human being, Sources of Energy, Uses of Energy


Energy is an essential ingredient for human life on earth. It is used in all activities of society, for preparing meals, making cloth, building house, industries and other activities. Human beings require energy at an increasing rate for their sustenance and well-being. The present study is an attempt to understand the details with types of energy use in India. The largest energy source is coal, followed by petroleum and traditional biomass. According to the 2011 Census, the household-level data indicates that only 55.3 per cent of rural homes used electricity as the primary source for lighting. Energy access, with about one fourth of the population lacking access to electricity and energy security, with the country relying on imports for a considerable amount of its energy use, particularly for crude petroleum are key challenges that the country faces with respect to energy. Wide disparity in energy use pattern between the haves and have-nots, urban and rural are also a cause of concern.