Biodiversity, immune system


Climate change is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the compositions of the global atmosphere. Human beings are both agents and victims of environmental change. Therefore, climate change is the main reason for the environmental challenge that the world faces today. To overcome these negative impact on human health, biodiversity has given powerful tools and healing powers in the form of plants and herbs for boosting human body’s immune system which keeps homosapiens finally strong, hale and healthy. Many complex diseases including heart problems require long and expensive treatment which common man in developing countries cannot afford. India has a long history for the treatment of various diseases using traditional medicinal plants. In contrast to synthetic compounds, herbal products are safer with minimum side effects and preferred largely for the treatment of various ailments. Thromboembolism involving the arterial or venous circulation or arising from the heart is a common cause of morbidity and mortality. India with its numerous plants variety offers costless method and inexpensive treatment to a number of disorders such as thromboembolism. The present study explores how to find out the in vitro anticoagulant activities of abutilon indicium leaves extracts, in addition to comparing and contrasting the findings with othersimilarstudiesauthoredbyanumberof medical practitioners