Air pollutant, Human health, Environment


This paper provides the insight view about the environmental hazards and its impact on human health. Environmental hazards means every type of disorder that occur in the environment .Hazards can present themselves to us in various media e.g. air, water. The influence they can exert on our health is very complex and may be modulated by our genetic makeup, psychological factors and by our perceptions of the risks that they present. Every year thousands of deaths are reported because of environmental hazards. Environmental hazards can affect a particular organ or body system, directly damaging it or leading to further complications. In this paper we discuss about various hazards such as physical hazards (electromagnetic radiation and ionizing radiation),chemical hazards (combustion of coal, petroleum), biological hazards (contamination of water) and psychosocial hazards (stress).And also various types of pollution caused by the environmental hazards which results in various health problems such as liver damage, chronic headaches, mental retardation or damage to reproductive organs. These hazards place extra stress on our bodies.