pollution, contaminated, sewage, ground water


Water resource is one of the important natural resources it essential for the survival of living organisms. The adequate safe water is essential to human lives and it is required in day to day life. Water pollution may take place due to natural causes such as silt carried by run-off, organic wastes of plants and animals, minerals leaching through soils, thermal pollution and algal blooms. In most of the developing countries are being polluted beyond their capacity because of high population growth. Increasing the urbanization and industrialization has reason for create a very large point of water pollution. Agro – based industries has seriously damaged surface water quality’s, even in many rivers and groundwater has been contaminated. Polluted water is like poison for human beings. A large number of diseases in Tamil Nadu can attributed to drinking of sewage mixed water. Various diseases like polio, cholera, patches, jaundice, fever, viral fever etc are spread through polluted water.